Gatsby Band

Party Like it’s the 20s With The Electric Swing Project’s Gatsby Band

Step back in time and bring the Roaring 20s to your event with The Electro Swing Project’s Gatsby Band. Or why not go for the full Gatsby experience with the Modern Day Gatsby show, curated as an immersive night or circus, dance and music for your party. The Electric Swing Project delivers talented West End performers to bring your party to life with their enchanting music that will allow you to dance the night away. With credits including Strictly Come Dancing, Pricilla Queen of the Desert and The Lion King, their stellar performances guarantee an evening of entertainment, excitement and a whole lot of fun!


Where the 1920s Meets the 2020s

Enjoy and electrifying blend of 1920s charm and 2020s beats with the Gatsby Band’s electric swing music. Picture the classic swing tunes of the Roaring Twenties colliding with the modern, pulse-pounding rhythms of today, creating an irresistible sound that’s not just music – it’s an experience. The Electric Swing Project turns your event into a lively celebration, where every note is a step back in time and a leap into the present. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, corporate event or an intimate gathering, our swing music guarantees a night to remember. 


Meet The Band

Meet London’s exclusive Electro Swing Band, with a diverse portfolio that spans collaborations with a wide array of artists such as Disclosure, Basement Jaxx, Kylie and much more. From delivering sensational performances on London’s West End to captivating audiences at the Underbelly Festival, this dynamic ensemble are available to perform at your event!


No matter the size of your party, our band is here to deliver a memorable show. For more intimate affairs and smaller gatherings, The Electro Swing Project offers the convenience of their own PA system, accommodating two performers and up to five musicians. For grander productions and the complete headlining experience, we go the extra mile by providing top-notch sound, staging, and lighting, ensuring your event is an immersive and electrifying spectacle. See our FAQs for more info.


Enjoy Your Night, Your Way

We’re here to bring your party dreams to life so we work with you to deliver a tailored experience. From song choice to ambiance, every detail is thoughtfully choreographed to match your vision. Whether it’s a specific musical genre, a personalised playlist, or a unique theme, we ensure that your preferences take centre stage, ensuring a night that reflects your style and leaves a lasting impression. Let us turn your celebration into an extraordinary event where every moment is crafted with your distinct taste and enjoyment in mind.


The Gatsby Circus Show

The Electric Swing Project brings more than just the Gatsby Band, we offer an entire circus full of crazy talents that are sure mesmerise you and your audience. With a whirlwind of skills and captivating performances, you won’t know where to look! At our Gatsby circus, you can expect to witness popular circus acts such as magicians, contortionists, jugglers, pole artists and much more. Our talented circus performers offer a thrilling show creating an immersive experience that ensures an indelible and extraordinary memory for everyone.



A Night Crafted by London’s Best

The creative team of The Electro Swing Project comprises some of London’s most exclusive music producers and choreographers. With a wealth of expertise working in the arts, our creative team deliver a bespoke fusion of music and choreography, pushing the boundaries of creativity. Our creative team works with your ideas to bring your vision to life and create one-of-a-kind experience that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


See the show live here.


Book The Gatsby Band with Our Simple Steps

Booking with ESP is easy. All you have to do is following our simple process and we can begin planning:


Step 1: Get in Touch

We’re eager to connect with you! Reach out through our inquiry form, send a message via WhatsApp, drop us an email, or leave a message on Instagram. Share the essential details of your event, including the date, venue, and any specific considerations such as your budget and expected guest count.


Step 2: Tailoring the Perfect Act for You

We’ll customise the ideal band for your event based on your preferences and specifications. Whether you require an intimate three-piece band or a grand nine piece band, The Electric Swing Project has what you need. We can also discuss incorporating circus acts to add extra flair to your event.


Step 3: Booking Confirmation

To secure your reservation, we kindly request a 50% deposit one month prior to your event. This not only confirms your booking but also allows us to channel our efforts into creating a memorable spectacle tailored to your celebration.


The Party Starts Now!

Get ready for a night of dance, dazzle, and pure magic – because when the Gatsby band hits the stage, the party follows! Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind fusion that guarantees a night to remember! Contact our team via email, WhatsApp or Instagram to get started.

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